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TunDe Hector is a caretaker  that recently became known to the world as a “guardian angel” sent from above to one local family. Born and raised in Athens, Georgia to the late Ronald D. and Pastor Carolyn I. Hector, RonTunDe has always set out to make a difference in the world. It’s no coincidence that RonTunDe’s name means “mother who has come back,” as she is known among many for her nurturing spirit and commitment to caring for people.

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Unusual Blessings is the life story of RonTunDe Hector known to the world, as TunDe. She was born in the late 70’s to parents Ronald and Pastor Carolyn Hector. In this book,  she talks about her life growing up. After she came into her adolescent years, she suffered great loss due to the murder/violence of three immediate family members in a four-year time frame. She chronicled this memoir to answer the questions of who she is as a person.

Unusual Blessings tells her life story of how though suffering with loss there were always Unusual Blessings that kept her from imminent death and despair. This allowed her to understand the gifts she was birthed with and how they shaped her life, and how God allowed all of that to come full circle one day with one of the most amazing stories of giving by one family who saw the Glory she had inside.

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