About Me

Birthing Purpose Out of Problems

An entrepreneur by heart coming from a family of entrepreneurs who worked very hard to accomplish their goals. She currently serves as a Care Patient Coordinator in the Atlanta area; however, she has desired many professions over the years. After overcoming many obstacles in life, RonTunDe is committed to helping women turn their problem into purpose.

TunDe Hector has had to overcome many obstacles in life, however, her problems never stood in the way of her purpose. Her purpose has allowed her to be seen on Dr. Oz, The Ellen Show, and CNN to name a few, for the amazing story of how she looked past her current problems and became the Guardian Angel of a complete stranger.

An act of kindness that brought TunDe and Chris together.

The Guardian Angel

Commitment to caring for people
As a community leader, RonTunDe has always been concerned about the welfare of others, which made the nursing field a natural fit for her. She hopes that her journey will inspire others to live with and have care, compassion, and love for others.

New Book From TunDe Hector

Available January 19th!
Unusual Blessings is the life story of RonTunDe Hector known to the world, as TunDe. She was born in the late 70's to parents Ronald and Pastor Carolyn Hector. In this book, she talks about her life growing up. After she came into her adolescent years, she suffered great loss due to the murder/violence of three immediate family members in a four-year time frame. She chronicled this memoir to answer the questions of who she is as a person.